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Painful breasts/fibrocystic breast disease-

There is currently some debate over whether or not fibrocystic breast disease is actually an entity or just a catchall term for painful breasts with enlarged glandular tissue. Because the breasts are influenced by estrogen and progesterone, especially in the second half of the menstrual cycle, it is normal to see changes in the glandular tissue. Many women experience some tenderness of the breasts, especially before the menstrual period; some women will have enlargement of the glandular tissue at this time, making the breasts feel lumpy. About 20% of women will develop cysts (fluid filled masses) in their breasts (see breast lumps)

Many women will get relief from cyclical breast pain and enlarged glandular tissue with a few simple changes. Elimination of caffeine and all methyoxanthine containing compounds including colas and chocolate often makes a huge difference in pain. Vitamin E and gamma linoleic acid (evening primrose, borage, flaxseed or black current oils) have been shown to help. Avoiding estrogen containing meat and dairy products will also help.

Dandelion root- good for improving liver function and thus the metabolism of hormones.
Dosage-Liquid extract- 1 teaspoon three times a day
Dry herb in capsules- 1000 mg three times a day

Castor oil packs- applied to the breasts three times a week for several months will help relieve pain.

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