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The Eclectic Physician
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by Beth Burch N.D.

Mood Swings-

Severe mood swings can be a symptom of what is called bi-polar disorder. In this condition a person has periods of depression alternating with periods of euphoria. During the depressed phase, the symptoms are like just plain depression. During the euphoric phase, there may be a decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, increased feeling of well-being, and a heightened interest in new people, activities and creative pursuits. With lack of sleep, the euphoric phase can progress to a psychosis in which the person can have delusions and hallucinations. This is a very serious illness that requires medications to help with both the depression and the euphoria.

Milder mood swings can be associated with premenstrual syndrome, menopause, low blood sugar and excess stress. Poor diet and vitamin and mineral deficiencies may contribute to mood swings. For mild mood swings try:

St. John's Wort- this herb has been shown to be effective for treating depression and also anxiety.
Dose- Liquid extract-1/2 teaspoon one-three times a day.
Dry herb in capsules-500 mg one- three times a day.
Standardized extract (0.3% hypericin content)- 900 mg a day. (Three x 300mg or Two x 450mg)
Cautions: Consult with your health care provider before combining SJW with any prescription antidepressants.

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