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Stress & Tension-

Stress, especially in our modern lifestyle is unavoidable. In fact a certain amount of eu-stress (good stress) is important for a sense of well-being. However, many people often take on too much in their lives, eat and sleep poorly, have little or no recreation or quiet time and end up feeling stressed out and tense. Certainly much of modern life while providing many comforts, also contributes to stress and tension. Noise, pollution, lights, traffic, demanding jobs and home life, isolation, crime, etc. all can keep us from enjoying those comforts.

The body responds to stress with an outpouring of hormones which prepare us for "fight or flight". This was helpful when we lived in the jungle and needed to either run from a tiger or kill it. Now we live in a different "jungle" and the "tigers" may be our boss, the rude driver on the freeway or the loud noise of the city. Our body still responds with the same outpouring of hormones, but fleeing or fighting are not options. We are left with the physical reactions of increased heart rate and breathing, increased blood pressure, and decreased digestive function.

Stress relates to our life challenges and our resources to handle them. If the challenges of life are more than our abilities and resources to deal with them, then we experience stress, if our abilities and resources are greater than our challenges then we also experience stress. Ideally for our health, we should be in a balance or just slightly on one side or the other. Siberian ginseng-has been shown to inhibit the "fight or flight" response. Studies with humans have shown it to effective in increasing ability to handle a wide number of stressful situations.
Dose- Liquid extract- 1 teaspoon three times a day.
Dry herb in capsules- 1000 mg three times a day 
Standardized extract-100 mg three times a day 
Caution: If you have heart disease or hypertension, consult with your health care provider before using ginseng.

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