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The Eclectic Physician
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by Beth Burch N.D.

Cuts & Scrapes-

Cuts that are large, deep or gape open will need stitches to heal properly, large scrapes may also need medical attention. If you have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years, you should have one. Bleeding should stop on its own or with firm pressure to the wound. If bleeding is profuse or will not stop, seek immediate medical attention. Cuts and scrapes should be washed carefully with soap and warm water, dirt should be gently removed.

Calendula-This is my first choice for cuts & scrapes. It is soothing, helps with healing and is antibiotic. Apply Calendula salve to the wound and cover with a bandaid or dressing. Change once or twice a day, reapplying the salve.

Comfrey- This is another good herb for healing and may be found in combination with calendula.

* The information presented in this web site is intended to inform and educate. It is not intended replace a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

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