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The Eclectic Physician
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by Beth Burch N.D.


Inflammation of the gums caused by oral bacteria. Can progress to a more serious condition known as periodontitis which can cause pain, loosening of the teeth and destruction of the jaw bone. Medical conditions including diabetes, collegen diseases, anemia, leukemia, and vitamin deficiency states may contribute to the problem. Good oral hygiene is important in preventing and treating gingivitis, but it is also necessary to improve nutrition and immune function to prevent progression. Other contributing factors include poor dental fillings or crowns, missing teeth, malocclusion, teeth grinding, overzealous brushing and smoking. Frequent teeth cleaning and examination by your dentist is very important. Brush after every meal and floss daily. Avoid all sugar and refined carbohydrates. Take a good vitamin mineral supplement with plenty of Vitamins C & E , beta carotene, folic acid, zinc, and selenium. Take extra vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotenes.

Herbal treatment-
Bilberry-high in flavonoids, will help to reduce inflammation and stabilize collagen tissue.
Standardized extract (25% anthocyanidin content)- 80-160 mg three times a day.

Other herbs- Green Tea Extract, Hawthorn, Gotu Kola, Sanguinaria

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