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The Eclectic Physician
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by Beth Burch N.D.


That bumpy, dimpled fatty tissue which appears on the thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach, particularly in women. It is apparently a problem with connective tissue, which allows fatty tissue to seccumb to the effects of gravity. Women have a different structure to their connective tissue and so have more problems with cellulite than men. Of course, watching your weight and staying in good physical condition will help to minimize cellulite formation

Gotu Kola- this herb has been shown in studies to be effective in decreasing cellulite in ~ 80% of patients. It works by enhancing connective tissue structure.
Liquid extract- 1-2 teaspoons three times a day
Dry herb in capsules- 500-1000 mg three times a day
Standardized extract (40% asiaticoside, 30% asiatic acid, 30% madecassic acid) -20-40 mg three times a day

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